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Committee Membership

Physician-led board committees will oversee the development of initiatives across clinical care, finance and operations, contracting, IT and data management, and network development.  ACCN board members are identified by an asterisk (*) in the following committee rosters.  A brief description of committee objectives highlight the key discussion points for each of the groups.  The subject matter experts on the various committees are all non-voting members, but provide valuable expertise to support and inform the members.

Clinical Care Committee

  • Establish and monitor quality and performance metrics
  • Develop clinical pathways and identify best clinical practices among provider members
  • Integration of care management functions across network and coordinate with IT & Data Management Committee

*Chris Schluterman, MD, General Pediatrics (Interim Chair)

*Robbie Pesek, MD, Allergy and Immunology

Courtney Meena, MD, General Pediatrics

Jessica Durst Cannon, DO, General Pediatrics

Janet Cantwell, MD, General Pediatrics

Vildan Tas, MD, General Pediatrics

Rob Lyle, MD, Neonatalogy

Anna Ostrom, MD, General Pediatrics

*Curt Patton, MD, General Pediatrics

*Ann Kruger, RN, Administrator

Joint Finance and Operations & Contracting Committee

  • Partner with other Committees to develop operating/capital budgets
  • Monitor ACCN utilization and financial performance across network metrics
  • Work with Contracting Committee to develop mechanism to distribute incentives/funds
  • Develop new value-based products for CIN to deploy with payors, employers, and adult networks

*Orrin Davis, MD, General Pediatrics (Chair)

*Amir Mian, MD, Pediatric Hematology-Oncology

*Rob Steele, MD, General Pediatrics

Laura Williams, MD, General Pediatrics

*Stephen Ashodian, MD, General Pediatrics

*Sam Smith, MD, Pediatric General Surgery

Gene Lu, MD, General Pediatrics

Bryan Harvey, MD, General Pediatrics

September Westbrook, MD, General Pediatrics

*Gena Wingfield, Administrator

Cheryl Arnold, Administrator

Amy Irby, Administrator

Rose Ann Cato, Administrator

IT and Data Committee

  • Support and manage IT requirements to enable data collection, reporting, and analytics
  • Assess, implement, and roll out population health management tools to providers
  • Facilitate and support information connectivity and interoperability across network

Pele Yu, MD, General Pediatrics, Chief Medical Information Officer (Chair)

*Aaron Strong, MD, General Pediatrics

Kristi Wenger, MD, General Pediatrics

Anton Duke, MD, General Pediatrics

Steve McNabb, MD, General Pediatrics

Jimmy MaGee, MD, General Pediatrics

Meghan Repp, MD, General Pediatrics

Jo Lynne Varner, Administrator

Network Development Committee

  • Adopt network adequacy standards and design network to meet those standards
  • Identify and recommend other care continuum partners as members and oversee relationships
  • Develop and oversee physician enrollment and membership, define participation criteria and credentialing requirements, and establish peer review and dismissal criteria
  • Develop and administer member performance standards and assessment process

*Eddie Ochoa, MD, General Pediatrics (Chair)

Adam Harrell, MD, General Pediatrics

Jeff Savage, MD, General Pediatrics

Jeffery Craig, MD, General Pediatrics

Craig Keever, MD, General Pediatrics

*Francesca Miquel-Verges, MD, Neonatal Perinatal Medicine

Brian Hardin, MD, Pediatric Adolescent and Sports Medicine

Marilyn Tate, Administrator

Debbie Mason, Administrator

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