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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “Clinically Integrated Network” (CIN)?

A legal entity formed through a collaborative agreement among providers focused on enhancing quality and delivering cost-effective care through the development of clinical pathways, sharing of patient information, and monitoring of performance. CINs allow providers to keep their independence while coming together to jointly contract, deliver, and demonstrate value to payors, employers, and individuals seeking value-based care.

What is Arkansas Children’s Care Network (ACCN)?

This is the first statewide pediatric CIN in the nation. Pediatricians, family practice physicians, specialists, and advanced practitioners are coming together to help measurably elevate the quality of health care for kids in Arkansas.

Why should pediatric providers join ACCN?

The healthcare environment continues to adapt to the evolving needs of patients and families all across Arkansas. Providers are preparing for the transition to population health and value-based care; this includes participating in programs developed by Medicaid and commercial payors to provide more cost-effective, higher quality care to children. ACCN provides an extraordinary opportunity for providers to collaborate and coordinate care across all four corners of the state as members of a CIN.

By joining ACCN, providers caring for children will work together and focus exclusively on meaningful, pediatric-specific metrics and processes to positively impact the quality and cost of pediatric care in Arkansas and be at the forefront of developing and deploying new care models, clinical programs, and value-based reimbursement models. 

Why should I join ACCN if the future of healthcare is so uncertain?

While we cannot predict what will happen nationally under new federal government administration, nor within Arkansas with the 2017 legislative session, there will undeniably be value in joining a pediatric network which supports providers in delivering high quality, cost-effective care to children across Arkansas.


Will physicians be involved in the development and leadership of ACCN?

To date, a Steering Committee and workgroups comprised of physician leaders from private practices throughout the state and University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) specialties, as well as executive leaders from Arkansas Children’s have met multiple times to create the vision for ACCN and guide start-up priorities required to operationalize ACCN. Additionally, ACCN will be governed by a physician majority, physician-led board, which will include physician members from across Arkansas. Physician-led board committees will oversee the development of initiatives across clinical care, finance and operations, contracting, IT and analytics, and network development.

What is expected of me as a network participant?

As an ACCN member, you’ll be expected to participate in all ACCN payor contracts, maintain infrastructure to document and share patient information, and comply with performance standards and clinical pathways. More details regarding expectations are outlined in the participation agreement.

Is there a membership fee to join ACCN?

There is no fee for membership.


How will joining ACCN change the way that I contract?

ACCN will negotiate new value-based contracts on behalf of participating providers. ACCN providers will continue to contract separately from ACCN for all fee-for-service contracts and share in any savings generated from value-based contracts due to improved quality and decreased costs.

Will I continue to receive PCMH shared savings as a member of ACCN?

We believe that ACCN members will have the opportunity to generate a larger pool of shared savings to be distributed across the network through improved coordination of care, enhanced quality of care, and reduced costs.

Will my practice need to care for children up to the age of 21?

Your practice will not be asked to care for children of ages previously not seen within your practice.

Will I have to incorporate any new technology?

The physician-led workgroups and Steering Committee are currently determining what data and analytics, as well as infrastructure, will be required to support ACCN and any potential cost implications.

How can ACCN help me reduce my administrative burden?

ACCN will provide practices with data, reporting, tools, and connectivity to meet PCMH requirements, allowing for a greater focus on care delivery. The physician-led workgroups and Steering Committee are currently developing recommendations around IT, data, and care management to help practices reduce their administrative burdens.

How can ACCN help me share patient information and data?

A requirement of clinical integration is the sharing of patient information and data across the network. The physician-led workgroups and Steering Committee are currently exploring options for developing mechanisms to seamlessly share information and data across the network.

Will performance be based on the practice or individual provider level?

We anticipate attributing and monitoring performance based on the individual provider level.

How will advanced practitioners participate in ACCN? 

ACCN will seek to enroll advanced practitioners given the important role they play in caring for children. Under current Medicaid guidelines, advanced practitioners do not qualify as primary care providers and are therefore not directly eligible for shared savings. However, participating practices may distribute shared savings within their practices as desired.

Can I participate in other clinically integrated networks?

ACCN is a non-exclusive network and you may participate in other networks. You will be asked to disclose all accountable care and clinically integrated contracting networks in which you participate.

What will happen to my practice if I don’t join ACCN?

There’s no requirement to join ACCN. Your current relationships with providers, Arkansas Children’s, and payors won’t be affected. Your practice will not, however, be able to participate in ACCN contracts or receive ACCN practice support.

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