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Become an ACCN Partner

With the transition to risk-based alternative payment models, it is important that primary-care practices stay ahead by joining a Clinically Integrated Network (CIN). CIN participation prevents the negative adjustments to physician payments associated with risk-based contracts. The Arkansas Children's Care Network (ACCN) will help primary-care physicians perform under new models of care at the highest levels of success.

ACCN is the nation’s first statewide pediatric Clinically Integrated Network (CIN) to help measurably elevate the quality of health care for kids in Arkansas. This selective physician-led partnership of providers will collaborate to deliver evidence-based care, improve quality, efficiency, and coordination of care, and demonstrate value to the market.

Interested in becoming a part of the nation’s first statewide pediatric clinically integrated network? Please contact us to discuss your membership.

The ACCN will provide value to a broad constituency of stakeholders, including:

  • Children and Families
  • Pediatric Providers
  • Arkansas Children's
  • Payors/Employers/Networks

The ACCN will provide Pediatric Providers:

  • Improved care coordination and enhanced sharing of patient data across the continuum
  • Opportunity to define universal set of meaningful metrics upon which physicians and network will be consistently evaluated
  • Access to technology infrastructure and tools to decrease administrative burdens of private practice
  • Participation in physician-led CIN
  • Support providers to prepare for the shift to accountable care
  • Increased alignment with Arkansas Children’s
  • Improved cost efficiency and financial viability of caring for Medicaid patients

ACCN providers will work collaboratively to establish clinical practice guidelines, to create a high degree of transparency and visibility with respect to practice patterns, as well as the collective achievement of patient care, quality, and cost goals. In addition, providers will establish measures for individual and group performance benchmarking, monitoring individual and group compliance with ACCN standards.

Your partnership will provide:

  • Expertise in comprehensive pediatric care
  • Commitment to primary and specialty care for children
  • PCMH experience
  • Statewide geographic coverage

Please contact us to learn more about ACCN membership.

Become an ACCN Partner

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