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Value of ACCN

ACCN will provide value to a broad constituency of stakeholders, including patients and families, the community, providers, Arkansas Children’s and payors / employers / networks.

Children and Families

  • Access to excellent, consistent, and timely patient-centered care across the state of Arkansas
  • Improved coordination of care
  • Enhanced health outcomes
  • Cost-effective pediatric services available close to home
  • Access to programs to improve the social determinants of health

Pediatric Providers

  • Improved care coordination and enhanced sharing of patient data across the continuum
  • Opportunity to define universal set of meaningful metrics upon which physicians and network will be consistently evaluated
  • Access to technology infrastructure and tools to decrease administrative burdens of private practice
  • Participation in physician-led CIN
  • Support providers to prepare for the shift to accountable care
  • Increased alignment with Arkansas Children’s
  • Improved cost efficiency and financial viability of caring for Medicaid patients

Arkansas Children’s

  • Improved health and outcomes for all children in Arkansas
  • Increased alignment with providers
  • Improved quality of care
  • Cost-effective approaches to managing patient populations
  • Preparedness to lead the market to value-based payment models when network providers are ready to assume greater risk

Payors / Employers / Networks

  • Improved value and decreased costs, particularly for complex pediatric patients
  • Development of a provider network to collaborate with partners to improve population health

Become an ACCN Partner

Arkansas Children's Care Network 1 Children's Way, Little Rock, Arkansas 72202 (501) 364-5902